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Oregon Fishing Charters

Captain’s Reel offers the best Oregon fishing charters including a great variety of charter options for deep sea fishing enthusiasts. Year round, season dependent, and when the ocean permits, we provide charter fishing trips to our customers.

Halibut Fishing Trips


Unless otherwise arranged there is a 6 am Departure time. Halibut fishing takes you where the offshore, “DEEP WATER” boats go! 25 to 32 miles offshore featuring: Halibut (Black Cod if you are a really skilled fisherman)  Bring your lunch and drinks with you. Hot coffee on board.

Rock Fishing Trips


5 Hour Trip to the Inner Reefs 4 to 10 miles from our the Captain’s Reel dock. Fish for Ling Cod, Sea Bass, Grouper, Cabezon, Sea Trout, and china fish.

8 hour trips provide more time to fish in even deeper water, farther away.

Albacore Tuna Fishing Trips


This is our 12 Hour Tuna Fishing Oregon charter. Every year we travel up to 100 miles offshore looking for Tuna.  From July through October, we travel out to the deep blue waters of the pacific ocean, perfect conditions for Tuna and other exotic marine life. Since that’s where the Tuna are, we’ll be there too!

If this is your first time experiencing albacore tuna fishing, we’re pretty sure that  it won’t be your last. If you’re a seasoned tuna fishing adventurer…

Check out our 18 Hour Tuna Trip!

Salmon Fishing Trips


The 2011 salmon season and quotas have been set. Request a trip today.

6 and 8 Hour Trips – 10 Hour Combination Trips also available.

Pole, bait, tackle, and coffee furnished.  One Day License and all needed Tags are available at the office.
6 to 13 years old – Salmon tag needed.

The 18 Hour Tuna Trip Advantage


The 18 hour “Maximum Day Trip”  leaves the Captain’s Reel dock at 3:00 am and returns at 9:00 pm the same day.  The trip will be offered to groups of 10 to 18 fishermen with a minimum of 10 to make the trip go. The advantage to this trip is that you will be fishing usually by 5:00 am and will continue to fish ALL DAY!

We also will have the option and time to roam as far as 100 miles offshore.Albacore Tuna bite all day but in the evening, the major bite occurs when bait that the tuna feed on rise to the surface and tuna follow.  On shorter trips, we will be on our way home when this major bite occurs.  Albacore Tuna continue to feed all evening and into the night and we don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Our Tuna Fishing Boat is “Enterprise” and has bunks for those who tire and need a quick nap.

NOTE: A one day license, includes all needed tags for this trip and is available at the office. (Annual licenses not available at this location)

Bay Crabbing Trips

bay crabbing

Bay crabbing is open all year round! Unlike ocean crabbing, bay crabbing trips are dependent upon the tides. View the tide tables for the year here.

3 hour bay crabbing trips are $45.00 per person not including any shellfish licenses you may need.  Trips are usually scheduled around two hours before high tide.

We provide everything that you need to go bay crabbing.

Ocean Crabbing Trips


Done in conjunction with other fishing trips.  An ocean crab trap (we like to call them “pots”) is dropped at the beginning of the trip and picked up on return home. Fisherman 14 years and older will require a shellfish license.

Interested in adding a crab combo to your fishing trip? On 5, 6, 8, and 10 hour trips you can add ocean crabbing for $15.00 per pot. Purchase up to 3 pots per license!
Limit- 12 Dungeness, males only, 5 3/4″ minimum size (yes, we help you to make sure your crab are legal).

Whale Watching Trips

whale watching

Whale watching during summer and fall off Newport is also spectacular. Some of the Gray Whales do not migrate all the way north to Alaska and spend from late June through October right here off Newport. Often less than one-half mile from shore, these resident whales, as we call them, provide excellent sightings. They spend much of their time feeding off Newport’s reef areas, which is why they are in so close. The whale watch boats often just sit still while the whales feed, showing their whole bodies just under the surface right next to the boats. You’ll hear the captains call them by their names.

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